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The UI Design is aiming at facilitating User System Interaction. Arranging content & layout we try to achieve easy-to-understand presented multiple functionality. Please check live Social Network, Mobile API design, Live Demos and UI fragments below."Fun, Dates & Dinners". Social Network.
Done: Branding, Identity, UX / UI Design, full amount of page's types design."Where Shopping becomes Social..." Multifunctional Social Networks designed for e-shoppers.
Done: UI design development — all pages.
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STRIPBASE — just idea of social network helping everybody involved. You may check Live Demo links below & click anything to enjoy UI layout.

Template demo 1: List of Clubs
Template demo 2: One Club
Template demo 3: Favorites
Template demo 4: User's Profile

Done: Branding, Website's Identity, UI Design

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→ Communication Tools UI Design
→ Corporate Identity
→ iOS / Android UI Design